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Gestamp 2

Client/ End user: Gestamp (Spain)

GBA: 55 655 m2

Location: Kaluga

Project details: Extension of Gestamp plant for production of bodyparts for Volkswagen and Skoda cars. Extension of production area to accomodate two new process lines for large part presswork (type «G1» or «tandem»), which will increase Gestamp-Severstal Kaluga plant capacity by 66%. The plant GBA will aggregate to 55 655 m2.

Our role: Concept, stage P and Working design, author supervision

Project implementation period: 2012-2013

Challengies and achievements: Very tight project deadlines, design an construction works were conucted simultaneously.



Client/ End user: IKEA Group

GBA: 40 000 m²

Location: Shariya, Kostroma region

Project details: Construction of wood processing plant Arbor Shariya. The project comprises processing of raw wood to produce components for IKEA furniture. The estimated annual supply of birch plank timber to a new production is 160,000 m3. Birch plank timber going out from a sawmill will be fully used in matufacturing of furniture board and components. The target annual capacity of production of furniture components is 40,000 m3.

Our role: Development of architectural an technological concept

Project implementation period: 2009.


Roto Frank 2

Client/ End user: Roto Frank

GBA: 11 000 m²

Location: Technopark, Noginsk district, Moscow region

Project details: The project of full cycle production facilities for Roto window hardware in Noginsk. Production area occupies around 11 000 m2 and comprises three big workshops where presswork, hardware assembling and tool making is done.

Our role: Development of Working design packages

Project implementation period: 2008.

Challengies and achievements: Tight dealines for Working design, delivery of W packages straight to construction site, provision of continuity of construction works

Location: Linetsky Settlement, Zheleznogorsk region, Kursk region

Project details: Construction of a slaughtery house in Zheleznogorsk district of Kursk region. The complex includes main production building, semi-cooked goods shop, car service station and car wash and a pump station.

Our role: Working design for HVAC systems

Project implementation period: 2014-2015