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Baker Hughes 2

Client/ End user: Baker Hughes (USA)

GBA: 31 000 m2

Location: Tumen

Project details: Construction of oil submersible cable plant for Baker Hughes company (USA). The opening ceremony took place in January 2014. The plant is built in the image and likeness of the factory in Oklahoma, USA. It will become unique for Russia as for cable production special type of rubber is used - rubber based on DL90 mixture, which has unique insulation characteristics and ensures long lifecycle of the cable in oil well. The plant produces two types cable: plastic and rubber with lead coat. The manufacturing process is fully automated, the production is environmentally friendly.  Total GBA is 31 000 m2, including office area and training center.

Our role: Concept, stage P and Working design, author supervision

Project implementation period: 2012-2013.

Challengies and achievements: Technically very complicated, especially in terms of integration of process part into the existing building, which is not in a good condition